"dal 1969...solo Macchine Stuccatrici e Ceratrici per Travertino e Marmo"
"since 1969...only Filling and Waxing machines for Travertine and Marble"
 41126 Modena (Italy)
Via P.Giardini 848/1
Tel. +39 328 8110255
Tel. +39 335 8078209
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Filling cement operation is worldwide known as the most reliable and less expensive way to fill up material natural holes like travertine, marble, marble-cement and terrazzo tiles.

Waxing treatment is worldwide recognized as an effective manner to make surface shining (more appealing to clients) and to protect surface travertine, marble, marble-cement and terrazzo tiles finished or semifinished items, during transportation and handling.
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MINI 2T/15-50
Automatic waxing machine for marble, travertin,
marble-resin, marble-cement and terrazzo tiles

Main technical features:

1 automatic batching-timing plant for the regulation of quantity and wax emission frequency in relation to belt feed and the size of the material to be waxed

1 waxing machine head for an even distribution of the wax on the surface of the material

1 polishing machine head with 1 big brush for the polishing of the material


Filling and waxing machines for travertine
and marble
  M.T. 80
  L.M.T. 200
  C.M 85/60
  C/L.M.T. 200
  MINI 2T/15-50